Tailoring and Alterations 

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to tailoring and alterations, big or small. From making a simple change like taking up a hem, repairing a zip or patching up a well loved favourite. To modifying that charity shop find or a major re-styling of a garment that’s just not quite right, we can cater to your requirements. We have a dressing room in store to fit all items to you. Most alterations usually take a week, but please feel free to ask us if you have something urgent, an express service is always available.

Companies we are linked with are: Harvey Nichols, Ted Baker & Gant.

Please see below for a selection of prices. Drop in if you have something specific you would like a price for as each item is unique, and prices can vary.

Hem from £15
Hem with lining from £20
Hem evening dress from £25
Take in from £15
Let out from £15
Shoulders from £8
New zip from £15
New zip with lining from £18
Reline from £35
Wedding dress alterations POA

Shorten hem jeans  £9.90
Original hem jeans £16
Classic hem £10.90
Classic hem with tape £15
False hem £15
Take in/let out waist £15
Take in/let out jeans waist £17
Take in leg from £15
New zip £15
Jeans zip £16

Hem from £14
Sleeve shorten £14
Sleeve shorten moving placket £22
Take in from £15
Take in with top stitching from £20
Darts £12

Take in/let out from £25
Hem from £25
Sleeve shorten from £20
New zip from £25
Cheap zip from £18
Shoulders from £35
Reline from £90

Patch small hole £5
Patch medium hole £8
Patch large hole £10
Seam hole £4
Elbow patches £10
Half pocket £10
New pocket bag £15
Darn hole by hand from £3
Sew button £2
Buttonhole £4
Repair zip £8