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About US

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Jokoto Tailoring is owned and run by Hannah Bartlett and Eloise Atwell. The pair have been working together for several years, originally honing their skills by creating an ethically made womenswear brand Jokoto. After giving up their day jobs in the sewing industry they have opened Jokoto Tailoring. Jokoto Tailoring offers a variety of services. Alterations, bespoke garment making, sample making and dry cleaning. From smaller alterations like replacing a zip, taking up a hem or patching up a well loved item to re-styling a garment or creating a made to measure bespoke piece. As both Hannah and Eloise are trained fashion designers they can assist and advise on any creative decisions and design details. 

A professional factory finish sample making service is also available, as well as pattern making and a studio that can accommodate small runs of clothing, great for a start-ups and small brands.

Jokoto Tailoring has a make do and mend ethos, encouraging a more ethical consumer attitude to the fashion and garment industry.