Pattern cutting & SAMPLE MAKING

Here at Jokoto Tailoring we work with brands creating patterns and toiles of their designs. Pattern cutting is a key element in clothing production. Without a well executed pattern, the garments will not work. This requires precision, creativity and an understanding of how garments are constructed. If this is a service you are interested in send us your tech packs, clear sketches, or physical samples of garments via - - through the post or bring them along to an appointment in our shop. Once your pattern, toile/sample is created to your satisfaction we can also grade into different sizes, we work with some professional graders and we can send off your finalised pattern, which comes back in every size required on card. Price is timed hourly at £23 per hour (plus VAT), this stage can vary in timing depending on the complexity of the garment and the clarity of the tech packs and sketches.

We can also provide CMT (cut, make, trim). This means you provide the fabrics and trims for your production run. We are happy to advise fabric suppliers as we do have some contacts, but purchasing is completed by the client. For the best price MOQ is 10 pieces. We can make less but you will pay less is you can meet the MOQ. Please be aware that we will need to have made a sample of your garment before any production run. This is to check that you are happy with the quality, fit and finish before proceeding with a larger order. We are happy to work with existing patterns should you require us to.

Our turnaround time really depends how our bookings are looking, we would advise around 4 weeks for production, with at least 4 weeks notice. Sampling and pattern cutting can begin within a week of finalising designs, please speak to us directly during an appointment for more detailed timings.