Tailoring and Alterations 

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to tailoring and alterations, big or small. From making a simple change like taking up a hem, repairing a zip or patching up a well loved favourite. To modifying that charity shop find or a major re-styling of a garment thats just not quite right, we can cater to your requirements. We have a dressing room in store to fit all items to you.

Hem from £15
Hem with lining from £20
Hem evening dress from £25
Take in from £15
Let out from £15
Shoulders from £10
New zip £15
New zip with lining from £18
Reline from £35
Wedding dress alterations POA

Patch small hole £5
Patch medium hole £8
Patch large hole £10
Seam hole £4
Elbow patches £10
Half pocket £8
New pocket bag £15
Darn hole by hand from £3
Sew button £2
Buttonhole £4
Repair zip £8

Shorten hem jeans  £9
Original hem jeans £14
Classic hem £10
Classic hem with tape £14
False hem £14
Take in/let out waist £12
Take in/let out jeans waist £15
Take in leg from £12
New zip £12
Jeans zip £15

Hem from £12
Sleeve shorten £12
Sleeve shorten moving placket £20
Take in £14
Take in with top stitching £20
Darts £10

Take in/let out from £20
Hem from £25
Sleeve shorten from £20
New zip from £25
Cheap zip £18
Shoulders from £35
Reline from £90

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Dry cleaning 

We offer a full dry cleaning and laundering service. Most items can be cleaned and returned with in 3 days. Specialist dry cleaning, such as leather and fur can take longer depending on the item. 

Suit £12.50
3 piece suit £14.75
Jacket £7.90
Trousers £6.60
Waistcoat £6.25
Tie £3.30
Coat £10.90
3/4 coat £9
Skirt £7.50
Day dress £9.30
Short evening dress £12.25
Long evening dress £22.50

Tie £3.30
Scarf £5.75
Woollen £5.85
Blouse/shirt £5.85
Silk blouse/shirt £6.30
Shirt laundered £2.75
Shirt laundered and folded £3.85
Duvet single/double/king £15/£17.20/£21
Feather duvet  single/double/king
Feather pillow £13.50
Curtains, wedding dresses, leather POA

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Our bespoke service offers made to measure garments perfectly tailored to your requirements and specifications. Whether its a remake of a favourite garment or a piece of clothing that you've been dreaming of we can make it. Please contact us for details. Price on appointment.

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sample making

Here at Jokoto Tailoring we can produce factory finish samples and small factory runs of your collection. We can also assist with fabric sourcing and pattern making. Please contact us for further details. Price on appointment.

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